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Hi, I’m Kate Gale.  A wife, a mum, a fun-loving character who just happens to be a cancer survivor and champion supporter.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 27. I was busy being a mum to two gorgeous daughters aged three and one, working in my dream job as a hairdresser, being a wife to my husband Bob, and living life to the fullest. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I suited up, strapped on my superhero cape and faced cancer head-on. I lost a breast, endured chemo and radiation therapies and I lost my identity along the way.‚Äč

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Thanks for the Mammaries


an honest recount of author Kate Gale’s journey with cancer. After being diagnosed at the young age of 27 with breast cancer she fought a hard, uphill battle, stared it in the eye, and won. Life was getting back to normal when tragedy again struck Kate’s young family when her husband was diagnosed with renal cancer five years later.

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