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Fiona Elsey Cancer Research

Why does Kate support The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute?


Being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 27 was not in Kate’s life plan, but perhaps life was planned out for her? At least that is the way Kate looks at her diagnosis and tries to make sense of it. No one should have to walk the cancer road but unfortunately, it is a disease that is very prevalent in our world and something that we still don’t fully understand. Research is the only way that we are going to work out how this monster works and by undertaking more research we are getting closer to Kate’s biggest dream, that being that she is still here to see the cure found.


A cancer-free world at the moment is out of our reach but the amazing work that is being done at the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute in Kate’s hometown of Ballarat is allowing the medical world to see incredible discoveries and one step closer to that ultimate goal. For the research to continue and the institute to keep moving forward they need funding. With fundraising a constant battle and donations heavily relied upon, it is people like Kate that keep the fire alive.


Kate never got to meet Fiona, but she has had the honour of being close friends with her mother Gail for just over 10 years. They met through a mutual friend who unfortunately passed away from cancer but they have kept in touch and continued to chip away raising money and trying to make a difference in the cancer world. Kate often thinks about Fiona and is still touched and amazed at the legacy that a young teenage girl has left behind, but knowing the size of the heart that her parents Greg and Gail have, she is not surprised.


Every cent that is donated towards cancer research helps, and Kate has made it her mission to keep chipping away to raise as much as she can to also leave her mark. With every purchase of Thanks For The Mammaries, Kate donates $2.00 back to FECRI to help her eradicate this hideous disease, and you can help her do that. Let’s make cancer a piece of history!


If you would like to check out what amazing work the team at The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research are doing click on this link.

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